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11 - 13 November 2024

Where Innovation and Connections Unfold

Step into a world of disruptive innovations and cutting-edge product developments at the Sponsor Lounge - an electrifying showcase from a curated selection of Signature Sponsors.

La Marzocco

Espresso machines and grinders trusted by the world's finest coffee roasters, cafés, and restaurants for their reliability, durability, and timeless look. "We persevere the manufacture of the finest in class speciality coffee equipment, while encompassing people, heritage, technology and design." 



The Modbar is an under-counter espresso solution. The boilers and mechanics of the machine are neatly tucked below the counter, with the portafilter and grouphead of the espresso machine built into your countertop. The result is a super-sleek set up with clean lines, minimal distractions or clutter and maximum face time between the barista and the customer. Modbar allows you to have the entire coffee preparation experience on display - from the moment the order is placed through to when the coffee is served. 


Renowned for crafting exceptional blends, Lofbergs sets the standard for coffee excellence with unparalleled richness and flavour in every cup. 


A leader in fully automatic coffee machines, WMF blends precision engineering and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistently perfect brews, ensuring an unparalleled coffee experience. 


Elevate your coffee experience with Chalo's exotic chai blends, crafted with innovative and authentic recipes for a journey of spice and warmth in every sip. 



Enhance your beverages with Monin's wide range of high-quality syrups, adding creativity and flavour to elevate your experiences with delicious and versatile options. 


5THWAVE magazine is dedicated to exploring the business trends, market forces and consumer desires shaping the global coffee shop industry today.

Make waves in the business of coffee.


One&Only is your ultimate partner for delicious, high-quality beverages. With revamped packaging and lively design, they emphasise versatility and taste. From exotic smoothies and creamy frappés to rich hot chocolates and spiced chais, One&Only gluten-free, vegan-friendly products are quick to prepare and perfect for every season. Elevate your drink offerings with One&Only – where variety meets exceptional flavour! 


Danish Bakery

The Easyfood bakery unites the volume and efficiency of industrial baking, with proud Danish traditions of craftsmanship, quality and professionalism. 

"We can quickly translate market trends to produce innovative quality bakery items for the convenience category."


For almost a quarter of a century Teahouse Exclusives have been the specialist for innovative beverage concepts in the foodservice sector. Whether hot, as iced tea, in a cocktail or as a refreshing drink, with TE you can unleash the full potential of tea. 

John & John

Born from a friendship forged in an English pub, John & John Crisps blend adventure and craftsmanship. Farmer John and adventurer John Sailor bring you exceptional, hand-crafted crisps with unique flavors. The new vacuum-frying process preserves natural flavors and ensures a perfect crunch. Gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free, our crisps come in seven delicious varieties, including the latest Fines Truffle.