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Below: ECS 2023 Programme – Stay Tuned for the 2024 Line-Up Announcement!

Talks & Interviews

Engage in thought-provoking talks and industry leader interviews shaping the future of the European coffee & hospitality landscape.

09:00: Jeffery Young, Founder & CEO

Allegra Group & World Coffee Portal

"Scaling Success. How to fast track your growth and navigate the current economic landscape."

09:30 ROLAND HORNE, Founder & CEO


“Why our real daily pressure is our own quick demise (stick with me for a minute….)”

09:55 Ignacio Llado Alvarez-Salas, UK Managing Director

Blank Street Coffee

"Redefining the Coffee Shop Chain"

11:00: Yassir Rais, Founder & CEO

Syra Coffee

"Democratizing specialty coffee - Excellence from "bean to cup" while scaling with Syra Coffee."

11:25 Laurent Sagarra, Vice President Sustainability

JDE Peet's

“Sustainability isn’t a product, it’s an intrinsic company value: The culture shift to deliver true impact and business growth.”

11:50 Koral Ibrahim, Founder & Managing Director

The Ready House

“Stop Obsessing Over Customer Acquisition! Unlock the Power of Community Through Social-First Thinking.”

14:00 - 16:00

leader interviews

Hosted by Jeffrey Young, Editor-in-chief of 5THWAVE magazine and founder of Allegra Group, the Live Podcast Series at ECS will delve into thought leadership from entrepreneurs and industry experts across Europe.

14:00: Marta Pogroszewska, Managing Director

GAIL's Bakery

In this upcoming 5THWAVE Live Podcast, we will delve into the fascinating journey of GAIL'S, one of Europe's most rapidly expanding coffee-centric bakery chains, and uncover the key elements behind their remarkable success.


UCC Coffee Europe

In this exclusive interview, Jeffrey will delve into the remarkable journey of Elaine Swift, one of the world's most accomplished female leaders in the realm of total coffee solutions for foodservice providers. From her initial days at First Choice, navigating buyouts, to her current role as the head of the European foodservice unit at UCC, Elaine will unveil the secrets behind her extraordinary career and the enduring culture she has cultivated.

15:00: Adrian Steiner, CEO


Jeffrey unveils the journey of Thermoplan's linchpin, Adrian Steiner. Starting as Thermoplan's 21st employee, Adrian Steiner climbed the ranks, expertly managing pivotal U.S. clients. By 2009, the founding family recognized his prowess, elevating him to management and granting co-ownership. Under his leadership, Thermoplan burgeoned from a modest team to an industry powerhouse of 500+. Dive into the tale of a transformative leader.


La Marzocco

Jeffrey delves into how, in just over a decade, Guido, along with a newly formed management team have contributed to turning a small, underdog cult player from Florence into a fast growing and successful traditional coffee equipment brand known the world over.


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