Did you know that flavoured coffee drinkers spend on average 22% more when dining out? That, in comparison with those who do not consume flavoured syrups, they frequent coffee shops twice as often, that they are by far the most loyal customers and that their level of satisfaction is 25% higher?

So, how do we explain the fact that flavouring has such an impact on consumers?

Syrups are extremely powerful, they can add a touch of enchantment to our everyday lives, bring a little extra something to our consumer experience to make that special moment even more reinvigorating and more memorable.

The secret is that they encapsulate a very high concentration of emotions. Through their flavours we can experience the feel-good factor, ‘treat ourselves,’ travel to the ends of the earth (vanilla from Madagascar, Tonka Bean form the Amazon….) or to another time (childhood tastes of brownies and popcorn….)

The latest MONIN syrup creation is Winter Spice. It captures all the flavours of winter and Christmas, perfect for mulled wines, spicy hot chocolates and seasonal lattes.

If you are looking for the next Gingerbread on your menu, come and try this new flavour at European Coffee Symposium 2017, which is sure to stir-up childhood memories and the joyous atmosphere of Christmas markets.