Wellness-focused customers are increasingly expecting healthier options in coffee shops, resulting in an ever-rising demand for the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk alternatives, and sugar-free ingredients in the production of beverages.

Although iced drinks are often regarded as an indulgence, the need for stores to offer sugar-free and low-sugar options is therefore becoming important. Whilst the unpredictable nature of the weather may be a difficult challenge for the industry, cold beverages are becoming central to the coffee shop menu with many chains offering iced beverages all year round. Unfortunately though, they can take a long time to prepare — especially when using fresh ingredients from scratch. Stores must ensure that staff are well trained and beverages are simple to prep in a bid to avoid lengthy wait times for consumers in peak consumption periods.

That’s why One & Only’s created a range of exotic smoothies which need only be blended with ice before serving. As well as summery flavours reminiscent of juicy mangos, sun-drenched peaches and tropical fruit, the brand’s new Green Smoothie combines fruits and vegetables in a great blend of mango, banana, kale, spinach, green tea and ginger. It’s also fat-free, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and without any preservatives.

Also inspired by the wellness trend is One & Only’s premium quality Matcha and Chai products, as well as Teahouse Exclusives‘ range of Rooibos tea. Indeed, health-conscious consumers are also increasingly seeking non-caffeinated alternatives when visited their local coffee shop. TEShot Rooibos combines the best of both worlds, providing a comparable crema, body, colour and taste to a quality coffee, but without the same caffeine content.John and John crisps

To learn more about the TEShot Rooibos range as well as One & Only’s selection of beverages, ensure to visit Market Grounds stand at The European Coffee Symposium 2016. Whilst there, don’t forget to sample some John & John crisps, made from old English potato varieties and available in six delicious flavours: Deep Blue Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper, Aspall Cyder Vinegar, Suffolk Cheddar & Chives, Seal Salt and Black Pepper and Mixed Roots.