And it is not driven by vegans. Three reasons why dairy alternatives have caused a shift in the coffee scene

Building on the latest trends and insights from Alpro’s research in 12 European countries, the brand’s Commercial Director Out-Of-Home Eric Derie, is at this year’s European Coffee Symposium Conference exploring how plant-based options are innovating the coffee industry.

Alpro is the European pioneer and market leader in the development of tasty plant-based products that are good for the people and the planet. The brand’s range has expanded in recent years; in addition to soy-based alternatives to drinks, yoghurt, cream, desserts, ice cream and margarines, other ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, rice, oats and coconut have found their way into the growing range.

Alpro is also active in the food service market. With the focus on coffee, it has developed three specific products: Alpro Soya, Coconut, and the new Almond ‘For Professionals.’ With these three products, coffee chains, catering companies and baristas are able to expand their coffee offerings.

Make sure to visit the Alproccino bar at this year’s European Coffee Symposium to try a delicious Almond cappuccino, and ensure to secure your place at the Conference to hear Eric and other top industry experts share their market insights. Click here to view the full list of speakers.