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Packed water is the largest category compared within the liquid food universe. The category is expected to grow at a steady rate of 5% up to 2030 and still plain water remains the largest category with 59% of total market share and growth of 3.6%.

This growth is essentially due to population increase, the need for safe and clean water and the following 2 consumers trends and behaviours:

  • Consumers are pursuing healthier lifestyles, attempting to limit their sugar intake
  • Consumers are looking for products to support their on-the-go lifestyle, where they need water to carry with them wherever they go.



How can you become more sustainable and differentiated in this category?

The water market is congested, mostly undifferentiated in terms of the product itself, and there is a limited choice for consumers when it comes to packaging types. Furthermore, it’s one of the categories that consumes the most amount of plastic. This has become a challenge for the industry as the global movement against plastic packaging gains momentum. In the space of two years consumer attitudes have shifted significantly and this, in turn, is impacting their purchasing decisions.

Whilst 43% of consumers state that “An environmentally sound packaging makes me much more likely to consider the brand”, 40 % of consumers perceive carton packages as the most environmentally sound solution compared to alternative choices.

There’s an opportunity to be the difference by offering your consumers a new way to pack water with a sustainable approach and with a package that stands out of the crowd.


We are already seeing an ongoing shift today with a highly exciting brand: Just Water

The Tetra Top® carton bottle reflects JUST Water’s values of responsibility and transparency while delivering a great environmental profile. This innovation significantly reduces the product’s carbon footprint. The use of renewable materials – resources that can be replenished over time, such as wood fibres from trees and bio-based plastic from sugarcane – plays an important role in reducing resource scarcity and mitigating climate change.


We are pleased to have come up with a package that is aligned with this focus without compromising convenience and functionality.

Learn more about the remarkable Just Water story here.

Learn more about Tetra Pak’s plant-based packaging by watching the film here.

(Source of insights: Global report on consumer insights, Tetra Pak® 2019 and Zenith Global Report – July 2018)

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