maurizio cimbali standing infront of La Cimbali espresso machine

Q&A: La Cimbali’s Tradition of Innovation

Maurizio Cimbali speaks on his company’s founding principles and how a dedication to quality, attention to detail and learning from the past has propelled the iconic brand’s innovation for over a century

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A seedling sprouting from soil with a washed out background.

Serving Coffee Sustainably

How to overcome the challenge of meeting sustainability expectations in the coffee sector

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Understanding the Opportunities in the Growing Water Category

Tetra Pak investigate on how to capitalise in the crowded category

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A tasty looking red smoothie with raspberries and kiwis

Market Grounds’ One&Only brand launch no added sugar range

The new range will be available to try at the forthcoming EMCS

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A steamy hot cup of 'superherb' tea

Understanding The World of Superherbs

Lauded for their bio-active, immune-boosting properties, Tea Exclusives are leveraging the benefits of so-called ‘superherbs’ to push tea back to the fore

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A barista hands a customer a carton of cold-brew coffee

Cold brew coffee consumption is booming across the globe! How can you leverage the trend?

Returning to the EMCS this year as an official sponsor, the packaging titans share their research on how to harness the burgeoning demand of the cold brew

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Interview: La Marzocco Marketing Director, Chris Salierno

Marketing Director at La Marzocco, Chris Salierno, explains the sustainable blueprint behind the legendary espresso machine manufacturer’s operations, how the social component of coffee is the industry’s greatest asset and why Italy is ready for its next great wave of coffee development.

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Q&A with Costa Europe MD, Andrzej Jackiewicz

With more than 20 years’ coffee and retail experience under his belt, today Andrzej Jackiewicz is at the helm of Europe’s largest coffee shop chain. He shares his insights on the latest trends, market performance and the growing potential of Italy’s branded coffee shop sector.

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How Wayne’s Coffee is exporting Swedish fika to the masses

  Wayne’s Coffee CEO, Mats Hörnell spoke to us about his chain is popularising Nordic coffee culture and why keeping coffee cosy is central to the firm’s global expansion plans.

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MONIN is a proud official category sponsor of the European Coffee Symposium. With more than 100 years of experience, MONIN has become the brand of choice of the gourmet flavour business with over 150 flavours available in more than 150 countries.

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