A barista hands a customer a carton of cold-brew coffee

Cold brew coffee consumption is booming across the globe! How can you leverage the trend?

Returning to the EMCS this year as an official sponsor, the packaging titans share their research on how to harness the burgeoning demand of the cold brew

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Cold brew’s high demand proves process is a priority

Cold brew coffee offers exciting opportunities for the industry and packaging will play an important role in response to the trends that are shaping the growth of the category.

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Interview with Anna Nordström: Lofbergs’ Specialty Coffee and Training Manager

It’s all about knowledge and training: Anna Nordström from Lofbergs shares her top 5 hottest coffee trends to look out for in 2019. After working in the coffee industry for more than 20 years, Anna Nordström, Specialty Coffee and Training Manager at Lofbergs and Sweden’s first certified sensory professional in coffee, knows a thing or […]

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