For independent coffee shops, a fresh food and healthy menu constitutes a serious incremental revenue opportunity together with iconic hot and cold beverages. Market research has identified that ‘meal deals’ and ‘bite-with-beverage’ are becoming increasingly popular; the Solo Deli Tower concept has been created by Dart Products Europe, as a cost saving and efficient operational strategy for independent coffee shops.

Philippe Payras, Vice president of Sales and Marketing at Dart Products Europe says:

‘The Deli Tower is a pragmatic packaging concept to help independent coffee shops to manage their food offering and to grow their revenue stream. With an increase in sales, Deli Tower will provide a simplification of packaging management with the one lid fits all solution. Along with providing exceptional stackability and transportability, this new concept opens a new world of creative and flexible menu solutions (three components for example) and guarantees a great customer experience.


The Pan-European Survey of Consumer Attitudes to Food, Nutrition and Health has found that top four influences on food choice is the ‘quality’ and ‘freshness’ of food products combined with ‘price’ and ‘healthier eating.’ The rise of the ‘Grab n’ Go’ market is booming and has found that consumers are increasingly seeking convenience foods. The Deli Tower concept is a multi-menu application that offers consumers fresh, vigorous, convenient and affordable, starter, main and dessert options. Deli Tower provides proficiency for consumers’ ‘on the move’ as the design of the rolled rim provides strength to the container and the stacking step allows one-handed separation to increase operational efficiency.

Deli Tower meets other crucial trends within the industry including environmental and clear packaging trends. Solo DeliGourmet containers are made from recycled material, rPET, a crack-resistant and ultra-clear material.’


Benefits of the Deli Tower include:

  • A cost saving and efficient operation strategy  – reducing inventory space and reduced SKU’s
  • Simplified packaging management
  • Opportunities for two, three or more menu components – and for new promotional menu options
  • One lid fits all solution
  • Leak resistant – exceptional transportability
  • Easy one-handed separation – thanks to stacking step, resulting in increased operational efficiency
  • Meets consumer demands – found from extensive market research such as better ‘quality’, ‘freshness’ and ‘price’ and ‘bite-with-beverage’
  • Made from a sustainable material – rPET, which is fully recyclable


If you’d like to hear more about or experience first-hand the benefits of Dart Products Europe’s Deli Tower concept, book your place at the European Coffee Symposium 2017 today. Attendees will also discover Dart Products Europe’s innovative Menu+ concept at the event – click here to find out more.