Plant-based is booming in the coffee scene. That’s why we’ve invited European Coffee Symposium 2016 sponsor Alpro, to serve delegates delicious plant-based beverages from its dedicated plant-based coffee bar.

Focusing on its For Professionals range, including Alpro Soya and Alpro Coconut, its expert team of baristas — led by Coffee Masters Champion Ben Morrow — will be at hand to demonstrate the diversity of the products and how they can be incorporated into your menus.

Stop by the bar to experience a Coconut Latte or Soy Cappuccino, then peruse Alpro’s book, I Drink My Coffee Black, which features a step-by-step guide to soy frothing, recipes and answers to the questions, ‘why choose plant-based?’ and ‘why are consumers choosing plant-based drinks?’

In the meantime, why not create a moreish plant-based beverage at home using the below Alpro recipe?

Heaven in a Cup
Serves 1
  • 100ml Alpro Soya For Professionals
  • 1 x shot espresso
  • 75ml white chocolate syrup
  • Optional chocolate powder to garnish
1. Pour white chocolate syrup and freshly pulled espresso into a coffee cup
2. Pour the Alpro Soya into a silver milk jug
3. Using a steam wand, stretch the product to ¼ volume to a temperature of 65°C
4. Add Alpro® Soya to chocolate syrup and espresso
5. Serve with an optional sprinkle of chocolate powder