As all-day dining and healthier eating becomes increasingly common, so does the industry’s need for convenience packaging. That is why European Coffee Symposium 2017 sponsor, Dart Products Europe, has developed its Menu+ concept, designed specifically to offer coffee shop owners versatility, efficiency and style.

Allegra Strategies’, Project Café17 Europe report predicted that, ‘with busier and more mobile lifestyles, coffee consumption out-of-home will continue to grow.’ However, it is not only coffee consumption out-of-home that has seen an increase, but also all-day-dining.

In light of this, ‘a compelling food offer has become one of the most significant opportunities for branded coffee chains. Operators must deliver freshly prepared, high quality food alongside an innovative coffee menu in order to remain relevant and succeed in this highly competitive environment where consumers can get great food and good coffee from food-focused operators and bakeries.’

Despite this, fast and efficient service remains one of the key factors to the success of a coffee shop. This coupled with the need for a strong health and wellness strategy means that coffee shop owners now, more than ever, must carefully consider not only the types of food they offer, but also how they present and package said offerings. And, with so many products on the market, making commercially and time savvy choices can prove difficult.



As Philippe Payras, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Dart Products Europe says:

‘Independent coffee shop owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to the day to day running of their business: marketing, sales, hiring, daily business operations etcetera, and without the right resources for these operators, food packaging can present a challenge.

As a leading manufacturer of single-use foodservice products, Dart Products Europe can simplify this with our Solo branded products. Our Menu+ is designed to meet any foodservice or storage need you have. We offer simple, efficient, transportable and appealing menu packaging solutions for independent coffee shop owners. Other than the classic sandwich, Menu+ offers a solution for porridge, soup, noodles, salads, yoghurt, fruit salad, jam and syrup.’

Whilst one of the most obvious benefits of Menu+ is that it reduces the number of packing products required – limiting the total to just 10 simplifies life for coffee shop owners and saves on storage space – the fact that each of the food on the move products boasts multi-menu applications and can be used for both hot and cold menus, also means that coffee shops can offer customers more variety without having to increase inventory costs.



Further benefits of Menu+ include:

  • Portion control – for those ever-more health-conscious customers
  • A ‘one lid fits all’ solution – saving your baristas time and ensuring quick and efficient service for customers
  • Aesthetic appeal – and potential to be personalised using Dart’s Show Me Your Colours service, resulting in higher numbers of impulse sales
  • Close nesting – for better storage
  • Extended shelf life – and freshness of products, thanks to being crafted from rPET and PET – a fully recyclable material.


If you’d like to hear more about or experience first-hand the benefits of Dart Products Europe’s Menu+ concepts, book your place at the European Coffee Symposium 2017 today. Attendees will also discover Dart Products Europe’s innovative Deli Tower concept at the event – find out more in our next News + Insights newsletter, coming soon.