With coffee shops as the biggest consumer of white milk across Europe’s range of food service outlets, how can packaging, help deliver faster, smarter and better service experiences to consumers?

(Words by Tetra Pak

With the launch of its Barista Milk Gold, Globemilk together with Tetra Pak® has created a new dairy product optimized: the perfect opportunity to meet consumer and coffee chain needs.

“The overall key was focusing and understanding the challenges and needs of the Barista channel and then getting the understanding of the added value that Tetra Pak could bring specifically,” said Rob Branje, Commercial Director of Globemilk. “Food service does not hold the same dynamics as retail. It’s growing faster, and it requires more customization.  More white milk is being sold in the coffee side of food service than any other”.

For Globemilk this launch commissioned a range of market research activities, focusing on three different groups of influencers – consumers, baristas and distributors. Rob explains: “Tetra Pak has shared their knowledge on the channels, retail and foodservice, which has supported in having a successful go-to-market. “Also, we’ve involved a recognized Barista champion in The Netherlands who has taken part in the development of our Barista Milk Gold”. Rob continues; ‘’The input from the barista has been particularly critical; requirement was a dedicated product to work with – a special milk that was processed in a way that will make better coffee beverages with more froth and more foam”.



“With the knowledge and service in Processing, Tetra Pak has shared ideas to optimize the milk recipe to give that ultimate foaming and frothing performance. Another important input was that the baristas found excessively large containers like two-liter packages, with poor pourability or even hard and painful to work with. Solution offered was Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge 1000 ml with LightCap 30 and it makes the life of a Barista easier as the handling, opening and pouring are better. On top the package is easy to sort and dispose and optimized for logistics in the distribution channel.”

The combination of easy handling, opening and pouring with the environmental advantages (such as low CO2 impact, logistic efficiency, reduced waste handling and more efficient use of the storage space), making Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge the perfect choice for barista needs. A proved winner for Globemilk’ Barista Milk Gold and is proving so in retail, coffee chains and to suppliers of independent coffee shops.