MONIN is a proud official category sponsor of the European Coffee Symposium. With more than 100 years of experience, MONIN has become the brand of choice of the gourmet flavour business with over 150 flavours available in more than 150 countries.

MONIN offers the widest range of Premium Syrups, Mix Fruits and Gourmet Sauces, using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. From classics like Vanilla and Hazelnut to new varieties such as Acerola and Nougat, there really is a flavour for everyone!


Nougat syrup

Typically made with almonds, hazelnuts, egg and honey, this sweetmeat has stood the test of time and remains an inimitable, indulgent treat. Packing an intensely sweet punch, MONIN Nougat syrup captures the blend of all of the flavours in this confectionery. With its harmonious notes of honey, almonds and egg white, MONIN Nougat is ideal for hot and cold applications, and equally suited to making iced nougat drinks.


Acerola syrup

Originating from Brazil, the Acerola is a small red fruit closely related to the cherry, with a golden, juicy flesh.  Its acidulated, refreshing notes give it a fresh, gourmet quality while its many health properties have made it a flagship ingredient in recent years.  With its intensity and freshness, MONIN Acerola Syrup brings a touch of exoticism to a multitude of applications and transports you instantly to the heart of South America.


To learn more and taste their new creations such as Nougat syrup or Acerola syrup, ensure to visit MONIN stand at the European Coffee Symposium 2018.

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