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This autumn marks a key milestone on the long road to sustainability: in September, the US and China formally ratified the Paris Agreement, a pact that aims to limit climate change by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. India, another major carbon emitter, followed suit on 2 October.

But reigning in rising temperatures requires widespread support, and both large and small-scale change. With this in mind, European Coffee Symposium sponsor BRITA is spotlighting sustainability, and empowering corporations and consumers to start doing their part. Specifically, BRITA’s water dispensers are designed to help avoid waste, and the majority of the filter components are recyclable. Plus, the enterprise itself is making its processes more energy and resource-efficient.

BRITA’s portfolio offers people simple and refreshing ways to go green – without compromising on taste and quality. Filtered water from its wide range of point-of-use (POU) water dispensers, for example, is an attractive alternative to bottled water. Unwanted elements that could detract from flavour – for instance chlorine or organic materials – can be reduced using BRITA filtration technology. Additionally, an integrated cooler, heater and carbonisation filter mean the dispensers can supply hot water, and chilled or unchilled still or sparkling water, as desired.

But these products were developed with more than taste in mind. They are also better for business, and better for the planet. For example, dispensers can be combined with reusable carafes or bottles customised with company logos – strengthening corporate identity. Plus, the systems cut out the costs, waste and CO2 emissions associated with buying, transporting and storing bottles. And by reducing the amount of plastic that has to be manufactured, they further shrink consumers’ ecological footprints.

Simply swapping plastic bottles for a dispenser and carafe is a simple step towards sustainability – one that is not difficult to take, but that can make a big difference. This is supported by studies and papers, including a guide* to avoiding waste jointly produced and published by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, and the University of Augsburg’s Resource Lab. For example, assuming each employee consumes one litre of water (60 per cent carbonated) per workday, a company with a headcount of 100 can avoid an impressive 506 kg of waste annually by using a water dispenser.

Committed to better water and a better world                      

As a company, BRITA places the environment front and centre. Specifically, it has a recycling programme in place for its filter cartridges; its ion exchangers are reused, and plastic parts and activated carbon reclaimed. In addition, BRITA is committed to making its processes – from manufacturing to transportation – more eco-friendly. It is exploring ways to prevent waste throughout the product lifecycle, in changes as simple as adopting LED lighting and minimising packaging. And it strives to continuously improve efficiency, and explore new methods of cutting carbon emissions. To read about how BRITA is going green – via its portfolio or its processes – click here.

Against this background, BRITA recently compiled and published its Corporate Responsibility Report, which examines the enterprise’s carbon footprint and outlines its environmental and community initiatives. The report is available here.

* Erarbeitung eines Leitfadens zur Erstellung kommunaler Abfallvermeidungskonzepte