Our world has never been so saturated with images, and at the same time, consumers have never before based so many of their decisions on how something looks.

So, how does the coffee and food-to-go industry deal with this? How do we stand out in the jungle of information? How do we make the difference in the face of so much choice?

In this context, the consumer’s attention is like gold dust and attracting it is no easy thing, but if you manage it you increase the chances of success tenfold, as in the case of Tiki cocktails, the Spritz, the Unicorn or the Freakshake.

In terms of coffee, latte art provides a fantastic opportunity to elevate the offer and make an impression, but at present it is woefully under-utilised.


To promote its usage, MONIN has developed l’Artiste, the first sauce entirely conceived for drawing, available in two flavours, Caramel and Cocoa. Its innovative 150ml packaging in the shape of a pencil ensures that it is easy to handle and that you can achieve extremely precise lines. Its fluid formula guarantees long-lasting stability and an enhanced glossy effect.

When you know that a customer is willing to pay between 50 cents and a euro more for a well decorated coffee, it’s high time you tried it.

MONIN will be showcasing l’Artiste at the European Coffee Symposium in Warsaw, 20-22 November, 2017. Secure your place today by clicking here.