The twiice cup is the perfect choice for your early morning pick-me-up or late night dessert. Batch made in New Zealand, the twiice edible cup is no-waste and no dishes. You won’t find anything artificial in it either — only using real ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, so it’s not just edible — it’s delicious!

How did the idea of an edible cup come to be?

It was as simple as wondering, “what’s next for the coffee industry?” Jamie has always had a passion for coffee, so it made sense to do something in that industry. We are a family of designers and innovators, so we put our skills and talents together and our roles naturally emerged. We are also sustainability-minded and we knew we wanted to do something good for the planet.

Twiice is a true family business, who does what and how does it all gel together?

I head up the sales and marketing, looking for opportunities to grow the business, being a visionary and strategist. Stephen and Theresa are involved with the operational running of the business –  Stephen designs the machinery, and they both test the recipes, and head up baking the product. Simone is the graphic designer, she develops our brand and produces our beautiful collateral.

What has been your greatest win and biggest challenge so far?

In 2019, we partnered with Air New Zealand to supply twiice cups to their lounges across New Zealand and on-board selected flights to Australia. It was a huge success and the partnership created a real buzz – we were asked to speak about our product on international radio and TV.

Our biggest challenge so far has been working out how we scale our proprietary technology, to enable us to manufacture for international markets.

Your cups are 100% vegan now and you are also a certified B-Corp, was this a challenge to achieve?

Yes! We worked on the vegan recipe for over a year – seeking to replace the egg was the main challenge.

B-Corp was also a lengthy process. From the start, we knew we wanted to be part of the B-Corp community. We identified it as a certification that would really communicate our business values to the world. We found though, that since so many of our values and practises already aligned with the B-Corp standards, it was a natural fit.

What to expect at The ECS?  What will our guest be tasting?

Guests will be able to sample twiice cups with both hot drinks and desserts. We’ll be bringing plant-based (vegan) vanilla and chocolate flavours. We’re keen to talk to a wide range of industry professionals – especially those who are looking to reduce disposable packaging waste in their businesses.

Lastly, what does the future hold for Twiice?

Our vision is to develop a range of vessels to help replace single-use packaging, minimising waste and the harmful effect it has on our planet. We’re excited to be expanding into the UK and Central European market in 2023, and to see what’s next from there!

Learn more about TWIICE at the European Coffee Symposium 2022, find out more about the brand here.