There’s something for everyone 

Coffee and cake are the perfect pairing, which is why Erlenbacher developed Barista CAKES, a range of premium cakes designed to bring out the unique tasting notes of coffee. The Erlenbacher Barista CAKES flavours are designed to perfectly match the flavour profiles of specialty coffee-based beverages, from flat whites to cold brew lattes. Learn about the four delicious cakes — and which coffees to pair them with — below. 

Chocolate Raspberry 

Cocoa and chocolate cream, crunchy pieces of chocolate and whole raspberries make up the Chocolate Raspberry cake. This fruity and chocolatey dessert pairs perfectly with rich coffee — drinks such as cappucinos, cortados, einspänners and iced dark chocolate mochacinnos. 

Apple Cassis 

Apples, blackcurrants and a crispy butter short pastry give the Apple Cassis just the right bite. The fruity acids help bring out the creamy notes in latte macchiatos, flat whites and espresso on ice. 

Chocolate Salted Caramel 

The Chocolate Salted Caramel cake is a combination of salty and sweet with its rich chocolate cream and salty caramel fudge. Pair it with a pour-over, coconut cold brew latte, café canario or Americano. 

Banana Walnut (vegan) 

Banana bread with walnuts and oats, topped with a creamy oat drink, makes the Banana Walnut cake a perfect pairing for an espresso lungo, espresso tonic, nitro cold brew coffee or specialty drip coffee. 

To learn more and taste the new Erlenbacher Barista CAKES flavours, visit their stand at the European Coffee Symposium 2020 (register here). And go to to discover the endless creations and innovations from Erlenbacher.