All about the new Erlenbacher Barista CAKES 

Erlenbacher, the leading supplier of premium desserts, has developed the ultimate pairing for speciality coffee: Barista CAKES. Created with the coffee consumer in mind, Erlenbacher has launched four different flavours designed to pair perfectly with coffee, bringing out the unique notes and creating a bigger sensory experience for customers. 

The Concept 

Erlenbacher enlisted coffee roaster and barista Jonas Braun to help fine-tune the launch, creating a product that consumers will not be able to resist when ordering their coffee. “Coffee and cake are an ideal duo for cafés and coffee stores,” says Braun, “especially when the barista has a suitable cake recommendation to go with the coffee specialities.” 

The Preparation 

When it comes to the preparation, Barista CAKES are easy to handle and fuss-free. The frozen cakes can be defrosted within hours, they are pre-cut and they have a 48-hour shelf life after defrosting. 

Erlenbacher Banana Walnut Barista CAKE.

The Flavours 

All four Barista CAKE flavours are designed to perfectly match the flavour profiles of specialty coffee-based beverages, from flat whites to cold brew lattes. The flavours include Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Cassis, Chocolate Salted Caramel and Banana Walnut (vegan). To learn more about the flavours, and the coffees to pair with them, click here. 

To learn more and taste their new Barista CAKES, visit Erlenbacher at the European Coffee Symposium 2020 (register here). Visit to discover the endless creations and innovations from Erlenbacher.