Take a break during the supply and innovation day and join two top baristas for a series of drop-in masterclasses.

Holding fort at the Lofbergs coffee bar will be Natalia Remfields, Head of Lofbergs Coffee UK, and Anna Nordstrom, Specialty Coffee and Training Manager. This is a space to relax, taste different espressos and talk all things coffee.

Try two espresso options at the bar: Lofbergs Ethiopian Sidamo – washed and sundried on African beds to achieve a complex and fruity flavour with intense citric notes – and the Cumbia – a Colombian-Ethiopian blend of caturra, bourbon and native arabica beans, washed and sundried under parabolic tents for a sweet, full bodied taste with notes of raisin, liquorice and almonds to finish.

Time to talk beans. Between Natalia Remfields, leader in the field of specialty coffee, and Anna Nordstrom, authorized SCA coffee trainer, there’s a lot of expertise at your disposal. Make the most of this time and pick their brains on anything from barista training to coffee bar workflow, coffee trends, making blends and sustainability. Plus, having recently travelled to Peru and Brazil to learn more about specialty coffee, both have a wealth of first-hand experience to share on origin.